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Helping You Take The Next Step In Your Career

We help you transition out of corporate life into small business ownership, giving you greater control over your lifestyle, finances and more freedom to do the things that you really want to do.

We specialise in franchising because with a franchise your buying into an established brand with a proven business model, allowing you to work for yourself, but not by yourself. 

Having successfully transitioned out of corproate life ourselves, we know the paths to take and each twist and turn to expect. We take you through the entire process from:

  • Introducing you to the world of franchising, educating you on each aspect of the model and helping you to navigate its many areas
  • Profiling your objectives, past experiences, skill set, ambitions, financial and lifestyle objectives and a number of other key metrics
  • Matching you up with the very best franchise opportunities for you
  • Introducing you to each opportunity at the most suitable level
  • Staying with you throughout the franchise acquisition process 
  • Standing-by as a trusted advisor as you begin your new life as a small business owner

We show you how buying a franchise can be your vehicle out of corporate life into small business ownership, a successful second career with new challenges and adventures, greater control over your lifestyle and finances, and a new life of increased personal freedom.

How We Help You Take The Next Step In Your Career

Our business matching process is unmatched and consists of six core components that help us identify the opportunities that are most suitable for you

1. Profile

The matching process starts with you – your dreams, goals, experience, motivations, timeline and budget – to name just a few. It's vital that we fully understand where you are in your life so that we know how to get you to where you most want to go (and the business opportunities that will take you there).

2. Business Model

With an understanding of where you’re at, we’re then able to start exploring various business models (at a high level) and discuss potential industries where you could thrive. As we start to uncover suitable business models and industries we begin to explore specific brands that align with your strategic objectives.

3. Matching

This is where it gets really exciting! We now start to take a deeper dive into specific brands and models, looking at at everything from the strengths/weaknesses of the business through to how you would exit. The matching stage is an iterative process that refines as you get clearer on your true wants and desires.

4. Research

With a couple of opportunities identified we then start to make the necessary inroads and introductions. We’ll help you conduct a thorough investigation including speaking with existing franchisees. We’ll provide a framework of proven questions so that you can be sure you’re covering all bases.

5. Preparation

With your target opportunity in sight we will help you pull the necessary pieces together to make it a reality. This includes helping you raise finance, conducting due diligence, coordinating the legal stages, leaving your corporate role, getting ready to open shop and everything else that goes with buying a business.

6. Purchase

With the preparation in place it's now time to take that leap of faith. We promise you... once you do you wont look back! This is the stage where you sign your franchise agreement and purchase your business. We’ll be with you every step of the way … just because it’s good to know that a trusted source of expertise is close to hand.

Fully Accredited Members of the BFA

We are fully accredited partners of the British Franchise Association and actively promote excellence in British franchising.

We ensure that we profile and investigate the franchises that we send our clients to in full. We speak with a wide variety of sources including the franchisor, existing franchisees, suppliers and the BFA. We attend discovery days and discuss individual brands with key influencers within the UK franchise industry to ensure that we get the full scoop on every brand.

What Our Clients Say

A snippet of what past clients have to say about Knight Franchises and of our service to aspiring franchise owners

After spending 15 years in the corporate world I decided that it was time for a change. I got introduced to Knight Franchises by a colleague and it made all the difference. The knowledge they have about franchising is second to none, and I felt totally secure knowing that they knew how to navigate the corporate world. I am now operating my own franchise and it's been the best decision of my career!
I operate at a senior level for a multi-national corporation. My wife and I have grown accustomed to our lifestyle and we were looking for a way to gain more autonomy without sacrificing our present levels of income. Adrian has been a guiding light through this process and has introduced us to a couple of concepts that hit the mark on all levels. We are now at late stage conversations with one franchisor and I anticipate leaving my role within three years.
Last year I was made redundant and I didn't fancy starting again 'at the bottom' in a new company. I decided to look into starting my own business which is how I discovered Knight Franchises and the world of franchising. The team at Knight Franchises have been absolutely fantastic - they've guided me through various industries, helped me put together a ten year plan and even connected me with a few existing franchisees to make sure that the model I was choosing was the right one for me. Thank you team Knight Franchises!

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Meet the people behind the business who are helping you find the perfect franchise opportunities

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Jenny McConnell

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